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The Wonderful World of (Salesforce) Adoption

  “Can’t wait to use Salesforce today!” – No one ever   What is the the most dreaded word in any Salesforce implementation? The one that jumps into my mind almost immediately is adoption (*GASP*). People spend so much time talking about RFPs, business requirements, implementation timelines and goals/metrics that they often forget about the end-user…
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November 17, 2017 0

3 CRM Lessons from a SMB Salesforce Implementation

My first job was as a Salesforce Admin for an HR consulting startup. To increase our sales and marketing effectiveness and to encourage efficient knowledge management, we implemented Salesforce as our CRM. I was fortunate enough to get in at the ground level so to speak, just as Salesforce was being implemented. I had no…
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October 18, 2017 0